Steps House: Our Corporate Mission

Affectionately referred to as the “Home of Unconditional Love” and “A Home for Homeless Veterans,” Steps House was founded on November 21, 1991. With its founding principals of integrity, love, compassion and a deep desire to help others, Steps House has opened its doors to thousands of men who sought refuge from the devastation caused by the disease of addiction and the ravages of homelessness. Steps House is in its 23rd year of service to the East Tennessee community and has an excellent reputation. Steps House Utilizes 38 home sites. We provide four long-term continuum of care programs for our residents while addressing the needs associated with addiction and homelessness. Steps House is a non-profit, (501c3) corporation located in beautiful South Knoxville, Tennessee. We utilize a well trained staff including several state and nationally licensed counselors in order to provide the best possible services to those we serve. Do you know someone who needs our special care? Please contact us anytime.


We have facilities throughout the Knoxville area to serve men who need help.


At Steps House, we have a well rounded staff that can help with pretty much any problem.


Meet our founders and learn more about the growth of our organization.